We have the experience and equipment necessary to handle all of your race day needs.


We have 2 different sized stages, allowing us to customize the staging area to your needs. This also means we can handle more than one event per weekend!

Sound System

We design the system to cover your finish line area. We also can work with broadcast groups or extended sound when necessary.

Photo Finish

We use Finishlynx photo finish equipment to assure accurate results.

Finish Line Truss

Mark your finish line in a professional looking and safe manner with our adjustable truss.

Angled Fence

One of the only companies that offer 1000' of angled fence. Take your finish line to the highest level.

Chip Timing

3S1 Event Management System


REGISTRATION – The Bottleneck

3S1’s registration program takes the hassles out of the typical event. The program:
• Is volunteer-friendly
• Is quick and effective
• Manages all of your registration information
• Updates your announcers, officials, participants, and fans quickly and accurately
• Organizes your post race reports


3S1 has been designed to use multiple technological breakthroughs to provide accurate and worry-free results. The system:

• Tracks each participant with a RFID tag.
• Can be set up to track in multiple locations

FINISH LINE RESULTS — It’s gotta be Right

Tracking and identifying is one thing, finish line results another. The best way to capture the correct order of finish, and therefore the finishing time, is video. 3S1 uses advanced mathematical algorithms to determine each participant’s correct order of finish. The nice part for event promoters is that you can do it with a standard HD video camera. No need to purchase a camera that cost $12,000 or more. This system can bring accurate results all the way to the club level.


Don’t believe it when someone tells you one application can do the job of two. It can’t. Chips can’t be reviewed visually and video can’t tell you who is lapped, in another category or when the number is covered in Mud. 3S1 is the only system on the market that combines the best of both technologies into one integrated system. No need to mix and match - this one does it all.