About Us



J. Baumeister, owner and founder of Tenspeeds Production, has been involved in the sport of cycling since 1984. He has participated as a racer/competitor, coach, promoter and supplier of event services. As a coach he helped riders win two national championships, and has assembled all the equipment necessary (stages, sound systems, photo finish and results production) to stage a successful event. Tenspeeds Production has helped events from first year start up races to the UCI World Championships and every category in between. We work hard to help each and every event we attend to be the very best it can be.


Tenspeeds Production was born out of a need for quality race equipment for a race I was the director of in 1994. I ended up having to call a company out of Canada to come down to Ohio to supply the basic needs for the event. After that first year I got together with a local welding shop and started to build stages, fencing, trusses and other equipment designed specifically for cycling events. Races in the area noticed the equipment and asked us to help them with their races and so we did. Now we travel the country helping out at all level of events from a local criterium to NRC to UCI events.